#438 Nancy Henry Handmade Nativity

Acquired 2005

Rev. Herb and Nancy Henry have become dear friends of ours. Herb is a promoter of Southern Gospel music in our area which Bob and I enjoy so very much. Herb and Nancy not only are promoters, but are part of their family quartet, The Herb Henry Singers. Herb is a full-time pastor of Richland Assembly of God Church. In their “spare time” they host a weekly two-hour radio show featuring Southern Gospel Music. This couple is extremely busy. Yet, they called one afternoon in December 2005, and asked if they could come by. Of course, we were delighted. As a total surprise to me, Nancy handed me a gift box, which opened to this huge 20-piece handmade, nine-mesh nativity set that she made for me! Nancy started working on this set in July and completed it, in the midst of her busy schedule, in time for me to have it for Christmas! The backdrop of the nativity stable is two feet wide and about 10” tall. The 19 other pieces complete this beautiful large set. The wise men, camel and angel are elegantly detailed with gold trim. I was so overwhelmed by her kindness and her tenacity to have this ready for me in time for Christmas, that her generosity brought tears to my eyes and joy to my heart.