#693 Mahogany Wood Nativity

Acquired 2015

This delightful wood nativity is not from Israel, and it is not Olivewood although it looks like it! I found this unique piece at the Candy Dance Craft Fair in Genoa, NV, on September 26, 2015. Scott Lofgren, the designer and the wood carver, is from Rupert, ID. He works with his wife and brother as partners in their carving business. His piece is made from Mountain Mahogany wood that they gather in Idaho. He tells me this wood is found in other western states including parts of Utah, and even here in Northern California. The angled stable is natural Mountain Mahogany and the figures are carved with special saws. The figures include three kings, the Holy Family, four animals, and three worshipping shepherds. Purchase price, $59.95.