#864 Mariachis Nativity

Acquired 2020

At one of my Open House displays, a guest asked if I had a Mariachis nativity, of which I did not. She sent me a picture or hers that someone made for her which was not available to me, so I went on an internet hunt! I found one through Novica, a fair-trade organization. Unfortunately, it was no longer available, but I could leave my name for a future possibility. That was in 2017. Lo, and behold, I got an email from Novica in May 2020, that they now have a Mariachis nativity! I had long forgotten, but the “computer” did not! I immediately ordered it, and it is now added to my collection. The nine wood sculpted pieces were designed by Juan and Carolina from Guatemala and then marketed by Novica. The pieces are hand carved from pinewood by Juan with Carolina as his helper. They all have their sombreros on their heads, except for Mary and Joseph in respect to their Christ Child. Their sombreros hang behind their heads. Baby Jesus with his infant size sombrero lays in the Guatemala flower designed manger while the cow and the donkey look on. The “Three Mariachis Kings each play the mandolin guitar, a wooden flute, and a small accordion. Purchased June 2020, $136.