#808 Hanging Star – John Berndt

Acquired 2017

John attended our Open House in 2017 and was astounded with the display. He shared several times while going through the house just how impressed he was with the presence of Jesus through the 800 different ways to tell the same one story – that Jesus is born! I was honored to have him attend. About a week later, John returned to our home (I was gone but Bob was here). He honored me with this incredible star that he manufactured in his metal shop. John has fabricated metal for years and is an expert in his field doing meticulous work. He took time from is busy work schedule to design and manufacture this piece to add to the collection. He has entitled the piece “His Star”, from Matthew 2:2 and it is made from the finest of stainless steel. The steel is so fine that it reflects better than a natural mirror. You can see yourself perfectly in the star. It stands about 22” tall and hangs from fishing line as it glistens and move with vibration. The manufactured base it stands on is the exact same design as the star! John stated that the stainless steel is so fine, he included a special cloth in which to wipe it. Regular fabric will scratch it! While this isn’t a “nativity scene”, it is an amazing addition to the collection. It stands perfectly with the Burlap Silver Nativity, #712. Thank you, John, for this great honor!