#610 “Ellie” Nativity

Acquired 2012

I received a phone call from Marlene Tobler who has been staying with her son's mother-in-law, Ellie Ensminger, during her convalescence from heart by-pass surgery. Marlene brought Ellie to my Nativity Open House last December and Ellie was impressed with the collection. Ellie made a nativity set about 25 years ago and has used it in her home since. In that she wants to “downsize”, she wanted to share her nativity set with me if I was interested! Of course, I was interested! I made an appointment to meet with her at her home and picked up the 13-piece set along with two different styled stables.The 13-piece set is molded ceramic which Ellie smoothed and fired herself. She then painted it a cream color and applied walnut stain which was rubbed off to create the antique-finish look. The set includes Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, three kings and three shepherds, a cow, donkey, a camel, and a grouping of sheep. Added to the collection August 24, 2012.