#517 Take Heart Nativity

Acquired 2008

Karen Hahn has been associated with Enesco and has become one of their most respected and award-winning artists. Karen is dedicated to sharing her deep faith and the love of her family and the beauty of everyday life through her creations. This year, through her artistic expertise, Karen has created a unique “Work of Heart” which ingeniously incorporates the heart symbol with the heartwarming sentiment of the nativity story. Transcending religions, languages, cultures, and time, the heart shape has universally been recognized as the symbol that represents love, affection, passion, spirit, and health. Karen has designed this five-piece heart nativity, named Take Heart. The set includes Mary, holding the precious Child, Joseph, and the three kings. She includes a green curved design stable with the star surrounded by a heart to carry through her unique creative design. Purchased through Yonder Star online October. 2008. Purchase price, $59.99.In December 2009, Janine found a newly released Take Heart Animal set being added to the Karen Hahn line. The set includes four nativity animals and Janine purchased it for me, $25.95.