#893 Gingerbread House Nativity

Acquired 2022

The drifting aromas of holiday gingerbread are stimulated in your taste buds as you behold this gingerbread house and realize it is a stable to house the birth of the Christ Child! The cookies in front of the house are the nativity figures – Mary and Joseph with Baby Jesus nestled in the manger. The shepherd cookie watches over his sheep. The ox resting against the wall is behind guarding the Holy Family. The cookie kings are to the right – with one king still in stride on the side of the gingerbread house! The cookie star is frosted white and candy canes adorn the roof of the house and are acting as staffs for Joseph and the shepherd. The entire house is trimmed in the appearance of white frosting. It is made by Kurt Alder Company and clay dough is used on the plastic base. It is battery operated with three triple A batteries and lights up. It is 12.5” high.Janine and my sister, Pennie, were spending a whirlwind few days in New York City, June 2022. While strolling through Time Square they visited a Christmas Store – and behold, they saw this nativity! Janine called me and text a picture and I agreed it needed to be part of the collection. She purchased it and asked our cousin, Dede of Connecticut, to prepare it for shipping in that the girls couldn’t bring it back in their already too stuffed luggage. It arrived by FedEx a couple weeks after Janine was home and it was in perfect shape. Made of a plastic base it is a durable item with cookies that will never crumble! The cost was $120.