#814 Brenda’s Wall Art

Acquired 2018

It is quite the style now to have wall art with thoughtful inspiring statements. Brenda Turpritt, Bob’s niece from Buckeye, AZ, supports our collection and, once again, added to it with two of these wall art pieces. The plaques measure 18" x 24" and are of distressed, decoupaged wood design – each styled separate from each other. Each can be hung on a wall or have stand up braces for tabletop use. The white vertical design declares, Oh Holy Night. The earth toned horizontal piece states, Oh Come Let Us Adore Him. Brenda missed us when she was here in CA to deliver them and left them with Bob’s stepsister, Kathy. When we returned from our long RV trip, we picked this thoughtful gift up at Kathy’s house. May 2018.