#703 Beginnings from Brookwood

Acquired 2015

I have so much to say about this stunning nativity and about where it came from! While attending the Friends of the Creche Convention, we were taken to the Brookwood Gift and Garden Center in Houston, TX. There I learned that Brookwood is a Christian non-profit residential facility and vocational program for adults with disabilities encouraging, developing, and helping their 200 residents know Jesus and be vocationally abled productive citizens. The residents' patiently trained hands create many beautiful items including Nativities. The one I chose is called Beginnings.Beginnings reflects the Incarnation of Jesus - God becoming man in the Bethlehem cave - the beginning of forgiveness and payment for our sins. But Beginnings also reflects the Easter of Jesus Death and Resurrection providing us with the Beginning of Eternity for those who accept Him as their Lord and Savior. Therefore, this nativity houses both scenes. On the Incarnation side, Mary is reclined as Jesus' earthly father, Joseph, holds Him out to her as she rests. On the Resurrection side, the stone is rolled away, and Jesus greets the women who are overwhelmed at what they found at the tomb, a risen Jesus. Their burial spices in the jug remained unused and not needed! The set includes 15 pieces and is quite heavy. The set comes in two sizes, large and medium. I purchased the medium sized set - better fit in our home. Purchase price $198.00. October 2015.