#358 Candy Nativity Set - Out of Circulation in Grandkids' Tummies

Acquired 2003

While Bob was hunting on our anniversary, November 2003, my family came to celebrate with me - a half an anniversary party. The grandkids had been all together that day - Jocelyn, Jordan, Jefferson, Jazmin, Cody, and Landon and they decided to make a candy nativity for me as an anniversary present. Joe had previously built a birdhouse and the kids decided to use it for the stable. Joe cut a larger door into it and then everyone, including Joe & Janine, proceeded to work on it. Green and yellow colored macaroni created the hay on the base and Jazmin did one entire corner of the macaroni hay all by herself (age 2)!There is spaghetti glued on the side walls by Jocelyn. Joe and Janine helped with the design of the roof which is sweet tarts and Starbursts. The grandkids did the backside of the roof, and everyone signed it November 22, 2003, with their names and ages in their own handwriting. All the characters of the nativity are made with tootsie roll pop suckers and other pieces of candy. While this nativity will not last a lifetime, it has been on my end table in my living room for several months. Interestingly, as the grandkids have come to visit at Grandma Toni's house, most of the pieces, at least on the roof, have disappeared - dust, dirt, and all. I think into their tummies! It finally was stripped and falling apart and had to be discarded. So glad I still have this narrative and the pictures!