#266 Snowbabies

Acquired 2001

Snowbabies, by Department 56, has been on the market for several years, but has never offered a nativity set until this year, 2001. I just happened to see that it was going to be offered by reading a catalog. In talking to Pat, from the Incredible Christmas Store in Idaho, said she would secure a set for me. It was October 2001, before I received the entire set. Interestingly, in the several stores I visited in year 2001, I didn't see this set displayed! A couple stores mentioned they knew it was offered - one store in Disney Town said they had four sets earlier in the year. I'm so thankful for Bob's favorite store and Pat's determination in my behalf! This darling set, named “The Christmas Pageant”, includes eight pieces: Mary, Joseph, the Babe, an angel, a shepherd, an observing lamb, and the three kings as one molded piece, along with the backdrop stable. Purchase price, $125.00.