#539 Nativity Postcard

Acquired 2008

It looks like a postcard, is the size of a postcard, but it is a ceramic piece in gold and white color tones. The picture side of the ceramic postcard is an angel surrounded in the background by angel wings. But within the angel picture, Mary and Joseph glow and radiate in the similar gold tones as they hover over the Christ Child. The postcard is addressed to My Precious Child, and it reads: I sent My Son that first Christmas to show you just how much I love you. I still do, you know. You are precious to Me. And it is signed - Love, God. The message is taken from the words of Matthew 1: 21 - 23, Luke 2: 4-20 and John 3:16. This nativity is a different approach to portray the story of the birth of Christ and is a precious gift to me from my daughter, Janine, for Christmas, 2008.