#718 Tea Lights

Acquired 2015

While attending the FOTC Convention in Houston, TX, this last October, I met a lovely lady who set up a small booth with the most charming blinking light nativity set! Obviously, it caught many eyes including mine. This delightful Grandma, Brenda Mart, from the Dallas area, machine sews and embroideries these individual pieces in such a way that a tea light fits into each piece! Her set includes 14 pieces all with a switch at the bottom of the piece to be individually turned on!The issue was that she had so many orders that she wouldn't be able to fulfill them until sometime in 2016! Even at that, I ordered a set and wrote her a check for $81. This lovely lady shared that they had a plumbing mishap in their home while gone and the bottom of the house had flooded! Therefore, carpenters were working feverishly to get them back into their home. Typical of remodel, she called me stating they couldn't get back into their home when they planned; so, being in a rented hotel room with her sewing machine, she was able to use her “waiting” time sewing up her orders including mine! She sent it to me in November 2015 - it will be in time for my Open House!