#11 Bread Dough Set - Out of Circulation

Acquired 1988

This set was purchased at the Disneyland Christmas Store in Fantasyland in December of 1988. This set includes a stable, five animals, one drummer boy, Mary & Joseph. The Christ Child, the shepherd, and the three kings. I also have an extra drummer boy and cow given to me by Janine. According to the prices still marked on the bottom of the pieces and the approximate price of the stable, I believe we paid around $80 for the complete set. This was the most expensive set I had purchased up to this point, and it took me a long time to make the decision to purchase this set. I kept looking at it several times while visiting the Disneyland Park and at the close of the day, Bob gave me the OK to purchase it. After several years of enjoying this Bread Dough Set, I took it out of its storage box for a Christmas showing and all the pieces were swollen and disfigured! The dough exploded and expanded - the set was ruined! I'm not sure what caused this sealed dough reaction, possibly storage temperature changes from hot weather to cold weather, but this darling set is now out of circulation!