#700 Fontanini Retro TV

Acquired 2015

Released as a new piece from the Italian crafters, Fontanini, this is a TV Nativity! It looks just like the first TV we had in our home when I was growing up in to 1950's. I was about eight years old at that time! Of course, the TV was so luxurious and extravagant for our budget, as a child, I was not allowed to touch the dials - I might break them! I can turn the dials on this TV. When I do, a light comes on and the visitors revolve around the Holy Family as the TV speakers play Silent Night! The TV set is 10” high and requires three AAA batteries. My purchase price at the Strand Brass in Galveston Island, TX, was $158.00. Purchased October 2015. Just this evening as I was ordering needed household items from Bed, Bath & Beyond, they showed this same TV with a purchase price of only $81.00!! Galveston has had several rain floods lately and they needed financial help, I guess!