#849 New Mexico Driftwood

Acquired 2019

Larry Jacquez, the artist who carved this unique driftwood creation, was trained in the historic techniques of traditional art carving by David Alvarez. I met David’s family at the Santa Fe Friends of the Crèche Nativity Convention in November 2019. While David’s driftwood nativities were very large and difficult for me to display, Larry’s was the perfect size for my collection. Notice the most unusual shape of the angel perched on top of the stable and notice the fine detail carved into the face of the Infant Jesus. His Mother Mary and earthly Father, Joseph, encamp around Him with three cottonwood carved sheep circling around. Larry utilizes driftwood gathered from the shores of local lakes; he also collects native cottonwood from along the banks of the Rio Grande to create his sculptures. Larry’s carvings are well-known and featured in many stores around the globe. I purchased mine from The Christmas Shop in Santa Fe, NM. Purchase price, $180.