#613 Colored Cotton Balls

Acquired 2012

This darling five-piece delicate, petite set was given to me by Debbie Orr. I met Debbie several years ago as she attended our church. But years separated us as she attended elsewhere and life “goes on”. We connected again when she attended our Nativity Open House in 2011, and she was quite interested in the Collection. She even added information to a set that I had that she also had. Again, our paths separated. But then her daughter became a good friend of our granddaughter, Jocelyn. Debbie thought of me again through Jocelyn and wanted to share this special little set with me that had been given to her. She believes it was made in a South American country as a Mission project - as many of the nativity sets in craft stores are.Made delicately from paint-dipped cotton balls and felt pieces, this small set features Mary, Joseph, the Baby, an angel, and a small sheep. It was added to my collection, November 2012.