#688 Dr. Deos Mexican Nativity

Acquired 2015

This set came from Mexico in 1992. It was a gift to the Switzer family from Dr. Deos - a very dear and close friend of theirs. In 1992, the Switzer's lost a daughter - a bright, energetic, medical career oriented pre-med student, and their grief was intense. Dr. Deos brought this special nativity to them, from his visit to Mexico, to ease their loss.When Modesto Covenant church, where the Switzer's attend, was holding a garage sale to raise funds for a specific mission project, the Switzer's decided to donate this special nativity to the church. Ann Bonfiglio saw the set and purchased it for my collection and told me the story behind the love of each piece. I'm honored to have her share it with me and add it to the collection. March 2015.