#513 Rinconado Nativity

Acquired 2007

This seven-piece nativity is from Native Treasure's Gift Shop in Sedona, Arizona. The owner of the store is Beverly Durton, and she was extremely informative to help me understand the significance of Rinconado. These pieces are from Montevideo, Uruguay, and Beverly is one of the main suppliers of Rinconado pieces here in the United States. Most of their pieces are of animals and of child looking human figures. But in 2005, they released, for the first time, the three-piece nativity set -Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus. In 2007, they released three nativity animals - the donkey, the ox, and the lamb. My specific set was produced in 2007 and is so dated. The beautiful camel is not a direct part of the nativity set but is one of the Rinconado creative pieces that fits in beautifully with the colors of this nativity. And so, I chose to add it to the six-piece set. Each piece is of crafted ceramic design and is accentuated with 18 karat gold and platinum trim. They are individually carved, then hand-painted and kiln fired offering a unique variation in the detail and design of each piece. Purchase price was $564 total - as follows:Holy Family, $225.00Ox, $73.50Donkey, $73.50Lamb, $48.00Camel, $144.50