#605 Gaspe Petite Nativity

Acquired 2012

While traveling from Quebec to the Gaspe Peninsula, I was browsing through the AAA tour book for the Canadian area in which we were traveling. I saw a listing in Riviere-du-Loup for a Magic Kingdom style castle which was a Christmas Museum and Gift Shop. When I checked the map, I realized we would pass right through Riviere-du-Loup! Begging my husband, he graciously agreed to make the stop even though it was pouring down hard rain! I thoroughly enjoyed the store, learning of their 200 set nativity collection which was on display in their museum. Even though it was closed, they opened it up for me and gave me a free tour as we discussed their nativity collection and mine. While shopping in the store, I did find this miniature set which is polymer clay, handmade by Louiselle Bolduc, residing in Rimouski, Quebec. She originated from Bonaventure Island out from Perce, in the Gaspe Peninsula. We visited the island which no longer has any permanent residents. No wonder she now resides in Rimouski! We visited the Noel au Chateau Christmas store on June 29, 2012. Purchase price for this miniature Gaspe set, $20.