#264 Aluminum Can Art Picture

Acquired 2001

This amazing, gorgeous piece of art is an awesome gift from Jose and Maria from their visit to Mexico, July 2001. Maria visited with a friend who had a friend that does the sculptured aluminum can artwork. Maria asked the lady, Elizabeth, to do a nativity picture for me. Elizabeth said she had never made a nativity scene. With only one week to complete it before their departure date, she was willing to try!This elegant, three-dimensional piece is a one-of-a-kind picture designed by Elizabeth. However, she got it to Maria the day before they left with no frame! Quickly, Maria's entire family went to work to finish this piece for me. Her brother-in-law has a furniture store. He handmade the frame in the store shop. Jose mounted the picture with the backing in the frame. But Maria said it didn't fill the entire frame! She and her mother-in-law, Esperanza, found some cloth on the skirt of an angel given to Esperanza. Esperanza insisted that they cut off the underneath part and create the matting for this stunning picture. Obviously, this picture brought many tears to me to hear of their sacrifice of love.