#842 Jordan’s Wooden Spoon Nativity

Acquired 2019

We visited our newly married grandchildren, Bear and Jordan, in Phoenix, AZ, after our RV trip to Indio, January 2019. They knew we were coming, so they kept our Christmas gifts for us until we were with them. Jordan made all her Christmas gifts this year so I suspected she would make a nativity for me – and I wasn’t disappointed! Except I had no idea what she would create for me. First, I opened a box with the big fluffy white sheep with his black face being a wooden spoon! His feet were black wooden pegs. So cute and cuddly! Next, I opened a long box which revealed the tall Angel. Another wooden spoon held in a wood block stand. She explained the angel wings had been a wire designed cupcake stand which she wasn’t using. Rather than get rid of it she saved it for some use some day – bingo! Angel wings! The next box revealed all the other pieces to create the nativity family – Mary, Joseph, the Christ Child, three kings, and a shepherd. So very precious. I asked her where she got all the varied sizes of wooden spoons – at two different Goodwill stores! Where did you get blocks to hold up the spoons! She cut them and made them from a 2 x 4! Needless to say, I was overjoyed and very teary! Thank you, Jordan for all your creative, time consuming, hard work. And thank you, Bear, for being so patient with her desire to “hoard” items and the mess that entails to bring her keen thinking creative mind into useable, beautiful objects!