#402 Brush Art Set

Acquired 2004

This set is a gift to me from Carole and Pennie upon their return from Branson, Christmas 2004 and from MaryJo upon her return from Sedona, AZ, Spring, 2006! My intention was to keep both sets displaying them in our home and office. When Evey, our secretary came to work for us, she shared how much her six children enjoyed playing with their nativity set and so much so that it is mostly broken! She said she needed to replace her set sometime. I knew my extra brush art set would be very difficult to break and I had the privilege of sharing it with her! This is a most unique set. This 11-piece set includes the donkey, the shepherd and lamb, the little shepherd, the camel and king, a blue king and a red king, Joseph, Mary holding Baby Jesus, the manger, and the stable. Each piece is like a brush designed into an animal or figure of the nativity. The brush art pieces are handmade from natural materials, mostly from the Buri sugar palm tree, a tall palm tree common around the Philippines. The material used are leaves, leaf fibers, seeds, and seed parts which are held together with wire and glue. The long thick leaf strands provide the fiber from which the body of the pieces are made. First the stems are crushed and soaked in stream water until only strong white fibers remain. These are combed, separated, and cleaned. Then they are cut to length, depending on the size of the piece, and twisted on a wire core into brush cylinders. The brush is trimmed and bent to shape and other plant parts are attached for eyes, ears, etc. Dye is added for color. You can bend them into different lifelike positions by holding them firmly between your palms, and twist.