#826 Teresa’s Miniature Retablo

Acquired 2018

My niece, Teresa Cook, from Charleston, West Virginia, came to visit. It had been three years since she was last here, and even though far away, she is very in tuned to my collection. She emailed me last December when she saw me on her West Virginia television station – that a California woman has 800 nativities! That was during the time Pennie put out a media notice of my 2017 Open House – the news traveled all the way to West Virginia (and I heard Pennsylvania)! Amazing! Because of that, her employer became aware of my collection and was traveling to Peru this summer. Teresa asked her to look for a nativity. And she did! While I have two other retablos in the collection, I do not have one that was personally purchased in Peru directly. Teresa is now delivering the sweet miniature piece to me as she visits. Thank you, Teresa and thank you to the traveling employer! A gift to me, November 2018.