#537 Home & Gardens Nativity

Acquired 2008

This lovely eight-piece resin wood look set is from the Home & Garden party plan. Each piece appears to have been carved from a wood log. The character's robes look like logs carved down to the bark creating a two tone look of beige and brown. On each piece is a scripture from the Christmas story. It begins with the angel from Luke 2:14; Mary - John 3:16; Joseph - Luke 2:11; the shepherd - Luke 1:14; and the three kings are Matthew 5:14, Luke 2:12, and Matthew 2:10. How this set was given to me is amusing. I was given a wrapped box from my granddaughter, Jordan, on the first night of the Open House, December 2008. She said she thought it was a gift from Grandpa and didn't know if I was to open it or not. Later I got the whole story! It turns out that my sister Pennie was attending a Home & Garden show and saw the set. She told Janine about it and Janine pulled it up on the internet. Knowing it was a set I didn't have, she told Bob that he should buy it and he more or less agreed, so she ordered it! When it came in, Jordan wrapped it and gave it to me - and when it showed up our credit card, I paid for it! That is the way our precious family functions, and it is great fun! I am thrilled that they recognize the collection and honor me in this way even if I do end up paying the bill! It is a lovely addition to the collection. Purchase Price, $119.00.