#825 Star Wars Nativity

Acquired 2018

While attending the Friends of the Crèche Convention in Dayton, Ohio, October 2018, some members were showing slides of their personal nativities. One of the slides was a Star Wars Nativity!!!! Oh my, I didn’t know such a set existed! So, I went quickly back to my room and searched online and found one!!! However, it said only one set left and four people already had it in their box. So, I decided to become number five and purchased it! The worst that would happen is I would get a credit charge. To my delight and surprise, a few days after I returned home from Dayton, the Star Wars Nativity arrived! The 12 pieces are very small, the tallest about 1” – but the set is unique and creative. Even “The Force” honors Baby Jesus! I had to have Evey, our secretary, and Jefferson, our grandson, identify and name the pieces for me because I had no clue! Per their identification, we have: Leia Organa, MaryHan Solo, JosephBaby Ewok & Manger, Baby JesusMon Mothma, AngelR2-D2, Animal Beyond these pieces, all the others represent shepherds and kings:Storm Trooper , Darth VaderChewbacca “Chewy”, Luke SkywalkerObi-Wan Kenobi, Yoda My online Etsy purchase price, $48.00.