#61 Italian Wood Traditional Nativity

Acquired 1992

This larger set including the wood bark stable and eight traditional pieces was made in Italy. I found it on November 27, 1992 in Jamestown, at the Crackells and Company Antique Shop. At first, I wasn't interested and assumed it was very expensive. As I looked at this price it said $22.50, and I was sure that was for the stable only. The saleslady said that it was the price for the entire set! At the exact same time another lady began to look at the set mentioning that she also collected nativities and had a set similar to this one and she couldn't believe the price! When I looked at the back of the stable and saw that it was made in Italy, I realized I needed to add it to my set. I paid for it and asked the store owner to hold it for me until we finished our shopping. When I came back later to pick it up, she told me another person came back by to purchase it, but it was already sold!