#890 Lamb of God – Parental Love

Acquired 2022

From Foundation by Enesco, this one-piece figurine was released in 2021. I found the piece while visiting The Shell Factory in Punta Gorda, FL. Besides every kind of shell imaginable, they also featured a full Christmas line including nativities. Bob wanted very much to purchase a nativity for me in Florida and he and I was drawn to this beautiful portrayal of the Holy Family.The bisque soft colors of this one-piece figurine are quite pleasant to the beholder. Beyond the beauty of the artistry was that Mary and Joseph are both cuddling each other and the Baby. While Joseph was not the father of Jesus, as his earthly father he loved, cherished, and deeply cared for the Holy Child. Parental love is moving to the spiirt and heart.Purchased March 2022 - $70.