#340 Naomi Barton

Acquired 2002

Naomi Barton is a classmate of mine from high school with whom I have had very little contact over the years. She saw the article in the newspaper about our nativity collection and called me and asked to be on my guest list for our 2002 Open House. Of course, I was glad to do that. When she came, she was so impressed with our nativity collection, she asked if she could bring a busload of seniors from her church the next day! We were elated! When she arrived with her busload of 30 people, she graciously brought this delightful nativity to me. She said that she had not seen this one in my collection and wanted to add it. The stable is of black antique wood and all ten pieces are beautifully wood carved. With the brown and the black contrast, it creates a beautiful set. What an honor to be able to add this 10-piece set to my collection in December 2002.