#306 Old Town Indian Nativity

Acquired 2002

We visited Old Town, Burlington, Colorado, July 2002, on our way home from our stay with Sonny and Dee. This village is a collection of original and restored buildings from the surrounding areas of Colorado. Of course, no tourist place is complete without a gift shop. While visiting the store, we stumbled upon this handmade very realistic Indian set. It was created by Judy Stroup of Grainfield, KS, which is about twenty miles from Old Town. As she sells the sets, she makes another one to take its place. Distinctive to the Indian culture, the animals in this set include a horse, the Indian's mode of transportation, and a wolf. The pieces are beautifully painted and show minute detail even to the fringe on their clothes and headdress. The Indian's shield is designed to be the nativity star. The 10-piece set was purchased for $115.