#412 Mousetivity

Acquired 2005

“While celebrating Christmas as they please, these little mice serve crumbs and cheese to honor a babe born long, long ago, the mice take their place and put on a show. “This mouse nativity was the first that I opened from Great American Heritage, Big Sky Carvers. We have one mouse hanging from a cup with spilled buttons, one mouse angel hanging from the chewed apple core, Mary and Joseph are included, and Baby Jesus is perched on a spool of thread. The set was approximately $50.00.INTRODUCTION: I felt that the Doggie Nativity set, #401, that I received in December 2004 from my sister Pennie, needed more pieces to be complete. Pennie gave me the name of the store in Branson, Mo., where she found this set. I called the store only to find it had closed for the winter season. I called the Mall where the store was located, and they had no information! Looking on the bottom of the pieces that I had, I found a website but with my computer experience that led to a dead-end street also! I gave the website address to Janine and asked her to check it out for me sometime. I promptly forgot about the whole thing! Just before my birthday in March of 2005, I received my Discover bill with a significant charge from a company called Great American Heritage. I did not recognize the company, I had no receipt for them, and Bob didn't know what it was either! I decided to call Discover for more information, and they allowed me to dispute the charge as they did further investigation. They did give me a telephone number for Great American Heritage but when I called, I got a recording saying “we're closed because of snow. We'll be open tomorrow on such and such a date.” My call to this telephone number was one week past that date! Obviously, this company had not updated their phone recorder, so I was very leery of this charge. The next day when Janine came to the office, I told her about the strange charge. Her words to me were, “Mom, I don't think I would do that if I were you. I think I would call Discover and tell them just to cancel the dispute.” All of a sudden, I realized I had a birthday coming up and this was probably going to be some kind of family picture that I had been requesting of my family. On my birthday, I did receive a beautiful picture of the grandchildren, but it came from Sears! At the end of my gift opening I asked, “What was that Great American Heritage?” That jarred the memory of Janine and Bob and remembered the hidden present they forgot to give me. They brought out a large box with several individually wrapped boxes. As I opened them, I found out that Great American Heritage was the parent company of Big Sky Carvers and it was the rest of my valued Doggie Nativity from Branson. In addition to the dog nativity, I received five other precious animal nativities. What an awesome surprise!!! Their descriptions are on the following pages. And, by the way, I ended up paying the Discover bill!