#390 Costco Creche de Noel

Acquired 2004

This exquisite, elegant massive set came from Costco in November 2004. It was one of those items that when we saw it, we bought it. It was a good thing we did, because the next time we went back to Costco they were gone! Of course, the brand is Kirkland Signature and, typical of Costco, it was made just for them, and the box doesn't tell us who made it or where it was made. I believe it was manufactured in either Canada or France because everything written on the box is either in English or French - no other language. It is hand-painted, with a fabric maché antiquated styling. The pieces range from 2” to 14” tall. The set includes: The creche ruins-look stable with a doorway and two lanterns that light up.A working water fountain with a furniture water protector that slides underneath it.A fabric tent.Thirteen figurines that include: Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, shepherd, three kings, a camel, a horse, an elephant and elephant guide, an angel who is attached to the ruins, and a water seller.A gift for the king on the camel.Two palm trees with adjustable branches.Three water vessels.A basket of apples.It is called “The Nativity” or in French, Creche de Noel. Purchase price, very amazingly reasonable at $99.99.