#671 Australian Nativity

Acquired 2013

While attending the FOTC Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, October2013, I saw this Australian felt handmade nativity on display. Fortunately, the business card of the artist was also included! I took down the information and contacted her, Sandra Tredwell, a felt maker, of Australia, by e-mail! And off we went! She graciously responded and agreed to make a set for me just like the one I saw on display in Ohio!It took until January 2014, for all the “business” to be accomplished by e-mail and U. S. mail and time for her to create her handmade felt pieces. The completed set arrived late January and was uniquely stunning! The set includes Mary, holding Baby Jesus (Mary is dressed in the colors of the Australian sky and sea), and Joseph (dressed in the colors of the Australian bush and desert); and the following Australian animals: Emu, Kangaroo (Australian national emblem), Koala, Echidna, Wombat and Goanna Lizard! The seven- piece set cost $455 - Australian currency which translated to about 110% American money. She also makes the three kings, a shepherd, and an angel - to be ordered at another time - in that the currency is falling and could be less American money in the future!