#707 Willow Tree Two Piece Holy Family

Acquired 2015

From the FOTC Nativity Collectors Convention in Houston, TX, this modern soft tone nativity is truly a nativity - not necessarily a creche. Creche is a depiction of the birth of Christ. Nativity (the accepted American term) actually means birth or beginning. This stunning two-piece set reflects birth. In this case, it could represent any sweet couple beginning the parenting stage of life from the birth of a child. In this nativity, Joseph proudly cradles the child to whom he has been put in charge of His care. Mary, holding a red rose the symbol of life, peers down at the Babe as recovering from the birthing experience of being the mother of the child. The faces are plain representing our Christ Child who came for all the faces of the world.I purchased this Willow Tree brand touching two- piece set through the FOTC Silent Auction. October 2015. Purchase price, $35.