#672 Turn Wheel Terra-cotta

Acquired 2014

I saw this unusual nativity while visiting the Chapel of the Holy Cross in Sedona, AZ. Having been there a few years ago, I remembered this chapel that is carved and built into the red rock of Sedona. I also remembered their special gift shop in the basement of the chapel that marketed several nativities! I visited the gift shop again this time and the creative display of this Creche certainly caught my eye.This eleven-piece contemporary style set almost looks like a turn handle of a wheel. Quite unique, the pieces are red clay fired in a kiln. Designed by Diana of the Arizona Sonoran Desert area (north of Phoenix), the set truly represents southwest art with red clay, turquoise glaze, and copper accents. Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus don a copper halo. The angel also has copper wings and halo. The kings have copper crowns, and the shepherd staff is copper. The turquoise heads are adhered separately and are to be handled with care! Purchased, February 2014, at $165.00.