#655 New Creative Lawn Nativity

Acquired 2013

On our first visit to the Majesty Gift Christian Bookstore in Turlock, my sister, Carole, and I walked in the door and staring at us was this stunning, majestic, large five-piece nativity set - it was breath taking! I felt the pieces, drooled, coveted, and said “Oh my!” But the price sent me away saying I need to be conservative. Carole thought otherwise and, unbeknownst to me, called Janine who told her dad! One week later the nativity set sat at my doorstep as an overwhelming surprise to me - but now it included three kings which I didn't see!!! So, now it is a stunning eight piece set which Bob and Janine picked up for me! The set, released in 2010, comes from a home garden company called New Creative. This company was bought out by My Evergreen Enterprises, from Richmond, VA. who supply retail merchandise to vendors including Majesty Gifts. While it looks like wood, it is a resin material and can withstand outdoor weather. Each piece from 14” to 36”, except the lamb, and has an inspirational word inscribed below:Shepherd-AdoreMary-FaithJoseph-HopeJesus-LoveLeaning King-PeaceTall King-PatienceBowing King-PurposePurchased: November 2013, $1,069