#42 Hummel Nativity Set

Acquired 1991

From Goebel, West Germany, I purchased this set in Ocho Rios, Jamaica, at a fine gift store called Bijoux during our 30th anniversary celebration cruise on the Song of America, Royal Caribbean, November 21, 1991. Of the two nativity sets by Hummel, I have the small set. When I purchased this set, the Moorish (black) king was out of stock in the store. The owner promised to ship it to me from his warehouse the next day. As it turned out, it didn't happen that way, and it took much determination on my part by phone and letter to Bijoux and Royal Caribbean to actually receive this piece. I finally received it by overnight air parcel post, just a few days before leaving on our June 1992 family cruise. The entire set includes 11 pieces. While each piece can be purchased individually, I paid $650 for the entire set. When I compared prices here at Keller's in Modesto, I found that the pieces would have cost $834 - therefore, my savings was about 20%.