#895 Alaskan Eskimo Nativity

Acquired 2022

While Bob and I toured Alaska during July, August, and early September 2022, I visited many souvenir shops in almost every town we toured. I saw this Eskimo style nativity in three different shops with three different varying prices. It was the exact same 22-piece set including the heavy clay rounded igloo stable, priced at $140, $95, and $75. Guess which one I purchased?The set includes the Holy Family in Eskimo attire with Baby Jesus in a sled, a shepherd, the three kings, an angel that hangs from the igloo stable center roof, two-star towers and several animals suited to the Alaskan terrain: a bull and female moose, a standing brown bear, a reclined polar bear, a puffin, owl, eagle, a dall sheep, a seal, and a wolf. The rounded roof style igloo stable is large and houses most of the small delicate pieces. The blue hues of the set are indicative of the snow, glaciers, and blue ice so very prevalent in Alaska.One of the shops that displayed this set added a dog sled with dogs which is widely used for cargo and for sport racing in Alaska. The sled with dogs fit perfectly in the set so I purchased it separately at $14.95.