Open House
Every other year, since 1996, we open our home to the pubic to display hundreds of different and unique nativity sets. To this date, there are now over 900 nativity sets to be viewed in my collection. We just completed our 2022 showing with almost 850 guests enjoying the collection. We are honored that the birth of our Savior is exalted by the interest and delight of our guests. Our next showing is scheduled for December, 2024 with exact dates to be determined. I have said that the 2024 showing could be my last public showing – that is yet to be determined! In the meantime, you are welcome to view the collection one nativity at a time on this website. Many ask, “What will happen to the collection when you are with Jesus face to face?” I respond with my heartfelt prayer that a church or organization will take the collection and display it as I have done. I am always praying and looking for that miracle group.
August 10, 2022 | Website Started

This website began development.