Our Story
For unto us a born a Savior, Jesus Christ the Lord. We celebrate His birth on December 25th each year and Toni celebrates His birth by displaying her (over 900) Nativity set collection for the public to behold. The showing has taken place every other year since 1996. The last showing (in 2022) was the 14th showing. Toni began collecting Nativity scenes in 1961, the year she and Bob Conway were married. However, the collection “was born” on their 25th wedding anniversary in 1986 when she received a sterling silver Nativity ornament from her sister-in-law “because you collect Nativities”. Toni’s response was, “I do? I guess I do!” She has avidly added to her collection since that time. The Open House vision began in 1996 – ten years later. Toni’s Mom, Frances Skittone, said numerous times, “You should display these – they are too pretty not to share.” When her mom was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 1996, Toni did host an Open House with 167 Nativities to share with the public. Her Mom was her first hostess at the event, and they entertained almost 200 guests. She lost her mom the next year and Toni has, in her honor, continued to share the growing collection every other year since. The last showing in 2022 welcomed almost 850 guests. Today, 2023, the collection has grown to 915 sets of varying materials and styles – from one small, tiny half cut marble to a full life size glistening white Nativity. One of the newest sets is carved from fossilized walrus jawbone. You are welcome to enjoy the nativities one by one by viewing “Collection” on this website. The next schedule public viewing in Bob and Toni Conway’s home is planned for December, 2024 – two years from the recently completed 2022 showing.