#666 Ecuador Cedar Wood Nativity

Acquired 2013

My extended family gave me a certificate in March 2013, on my 70th birthday for a nativity set from Africa to coincide with the awesome surprise “African Safari” weekend we celebrated together. However, the nativity set didn't materialize from the artist and Janine had a difficult time getting the set! She finally, after numerous attempts, accomplished her mission and the set was sent to her. However, when it arrived the wrong set was sent - no African Nativity! Instead, she received this awesome beautiful unique set from Ecuador!!!! Seeing its beauty, the extended family decided this should be my long-awaited birthday gift!The set came with its description, a picture of the workshop in Ecuador, and a personal letter written by one of the child recipients of the income this mission project supports! The three-piece stunning set is hand-carved in modern design from cedar wood and hand-painted in bold burgundy and teal colors. Thank you, precious family!!!!