#639 Amish Quilted Cat's Meow

Acquired 2013

On one of our convention bus tours, we visited The Cat's Meow in Wooster, Ohio. The company began in 1982 with a few wood blocks of painted designs depicting the simpler way of life. However, each one included a painting of the owner's favorite black cat. To this day, each piece of the Cat's Meow will have a black cat in the painting. This special three-piece wood block set was designed exclusively this year, 2013 for the guest of the Convention of Creche Collectors. Each piece has the cat and an Amish style patchwork quilt design. In the Holy Family piece, the quilt is the star over the stable. In the piece with the three kings, the quilt is the cover on the elephant the king is riding. In the piece with the shepherds, the quilt is the star backdrop over the town of Bethlehem. Can you find the cat in each of the pieces? Purchase price, $30, October 2013.