#883 Cherry Lane Nativity

Acquired 2021

My supportive sister, Carole, saw this set at a local craft faire and called me to describe what she was seeing and texted a picture to me. I could tell it was unique and one of a kind by a local artist, so I asked her to purchase it for me and I would reimburse her. Only 19 sets of this special Nativity were made by Judy Van Groningen in 1921 during Covid. I was fortunate enough to purchase one of the 19. Each peg style piece is hand painted and her original design. The pieces nest in the treasure chest box which doubles as a stable background. The background and star of David is hand painted on felted wool and the two sheep are made from Alpaca wool. Notice that the sheep and other barn animals are children’s wood block with animal faces which is a clever design. Baby Jesus is clothed in dark blue felt and his brown manger is also made from felt. The set is 18 pieces including the treasure box stable. The complete set is housed in a special bag – it is fabric from Senegal, West Africa. Purchase price for this darling set - $52.00 11/2021.