#783 Origami by Lila

Acquired 2017

While attending the Bethlehem, PA Nativity Convention, I met a lovely, godly couple, Lila and Jim Ridlen, from Prosperity, South Carolina. They were one of the vendors at the convention. Lila personally makes each of these boxes that fold open to the Origami Style Nativity. Each delicate paper piece has specific meaning that she portrays in her nativity work. There are 33 folded origami pieces, one for each year of Christ's life. They are Jesus, Mary, Joseph, manger, sheep and lamb, dove, angel, star, mom cat, kitten, hen, rooster, two chicks, two camels, donkey, cow, shepherd, and shepherd boy, three kings, three gifts, three crowns, headdress, owl, and a lantern (33 items). When closed, the pieces interchange each other without crushing each other. Jim then sprays the boxes - I chose this beautiful gold colored box. Purchase price, $75 - October 2017.