#486 Pacific Rim Nativity

Acquired 2007

This elegant resin wood look 10-piece set reflects the beauty of the glory of the birth of Christ in a very unusual style. The angel, Joseph, Mary, and the Christ Child all wear bold brown halos of holiness. The set is exquisitely designed with intricate faces, all leaning either to the left or the right. The three kings carrying their bountiful treasures to the Christ Child are elegantly designed with the same characteristic of leaning. The Christ Child is resting comfortably in His manger covered by swaddling cloth with red design depicting the blood sacrifice He would make for the world. The shepherd bringing the lamb also has the parent lamb trailing behind. From Pacific Rim, Seattle, WA, I found this set at Kellers, in October 2007, for purchase price of $390.00. Pacific Rim has been a designer of home décor for years and has had several nativities to offer. However, Pacific Rim went out of business in 2007, and this set is one of the last sets that Keller was able to purchase from them. While Pacific Rim has been bought out by a new company, it is yet to be determined if this nativity will continue in the new line.