#892 Xaviera Feliz Navidad Candy Box

Acquired 2022

This delicate wood die cut nativity is rested upon a darling box that opens – to find sweet Christmas chocolates from Mexico within! What a surprise for me when Bob and I returned from Florida to find this lovely dainty nativity sitting on my desk! I asked, “Where did this come from?”Leticia Blanco, one of our longest standing employees brought it to me. She has a brother in San Miguel el Alto, Jalisco Mexico that makes candies during Christmas and offers them in these nativity boxes that he also makes. His name is Rafael Enriquez Gonzalez and Leticia had him make one just for me and the collection. She brought it to me after her visit to see him. The die cut figures are 1” to 2” high. Behind the nativity scene is a tall wood die Christmas tree – 7” high. The entire scene is cut into the top of the scroll designed candy box. I am so honored to add this unique piece to the collection. Thank you, Leticia.