#125 Charming Tails

Acquired 1995

I heard about this set at the Serendipity Collector's Club meeting the night I did a presentation of my nativity collection. One of the ladies mentioned that Austin's Christmas Store had a cute mouse nativity. When I went to check it out, I found this darling fall colored mouse set with a different tone and style than other mice sets that I have. It is by Silverstri, and the handcrafted set is called Charming Tails, designed by Dean Grif. The set of 7 pieces includes the Holy Family, a stable, and three kings. It was originally released in 1994. I purchased my set in November 1995. Purchase price $75.16.In 1998, Charming Tails added to this collection. It was on November 22, 1999 (our anniversary) that I was able to add the remaining pieces to my set. Instead of ordering from mail order catalogs, I decided to call Austin's Christmas Store, in Modesto, to see if they had the balance of the pieces. They did and I marched right down there to pick them up!Angel of Light $14.00 Lil' Drummer Mouse $14.00 Shepherd's (Two to the set) $13.50 4 Manger Animals $22.00 (cow, donkey, camel, sheep)