#758 Driftwood Post Figures Nativity

Acquired 2016

While I purchased a driftwood nativity set in 2012 which was similar to this set, this set is quite different in that the figures are small posts! Each of the nine “posts” are marked with a label stating who they are to the nativity story! Baby Jesus is a small flat piece of wood on a rectangle wood chip. I found the set at The Silk Garden during Terri's Christmas Open House early in November 2016. Purchase price, $49.95.The blessed part of this story is that the night I purchased the set, the store was crowded with people. I picked up the set and put the pieces in my carry basket along with other items I was choosing. The counter where payment was taken was quite crowded with other shoppers. So, I took out all my pieces, placed them on the counter and they were charged out and wrapped. When I got home that night to show the set to Bob, I realized the little Baby Jesus was not there! He had been left either in the basket or on the counter and He was just a small piece of wood - who would even notice! Being too late to call, I called first thing the next morning. Terri gave me awesome news! Another guest had used the basket and saw the small piece of wood. Because it had a name, she turned it in to the counter helpers who realized it must be mine! Baby Jesus had been found!