#416 Moosetivity

Acquired 2005

My family saved this special nativity for the last to open and I couldn't believe my eyes -a moose nativity for our moose décor bedroom! This set is also from Big Sky Carvers but is a little different than the other animal nativities. It is a Bear Foots creation designed by Phyllis Driscoll. She also designed the Bear Foots black bear nativity that I have in my collection. Currently, Phyllis Driscoll has released the first moose set and it appears a second will follow. In this set there are two moose angels perched out of their logs watching over the Holy Family. The female moose is Mary, and the male moose is Joseph. The precious Baby Jesus moose is lovingly cradled in his manger. This set was approximately $50.While on our cruise to Alaska, June 2005, we found two (not one) additional sets in a gift store in Sitka. Of course, the sets had to make it to our ship, home, and into my collection! The two sets included three moose kings, a shepherd moose, and a drummer moose! The additional pieces cost $113.