#818 Bronner’s Outdoor Life Size Nativity

Acquired 2018

While I was enjoying the many aisles and departments of Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland, I lost track of my husband – who most likely wanted to sit down somewhere. Later I learned he wasn’t sitting at all! He was at the commercial desk of this great marketplace purchasing the life size white porcelain outdoor nativity I had seen in the driveway entering Bronner’s. The outside of their complex is just as much a wonderland as the inside with the feeling of driving down someone’s Christmas Tree Lane! This one set caused me to ooh and ahh more than any other of their numerous displays. Bob found out the items were not only on display, but available for purchase – and he purchased it for me! When I realized what he was doing and saw the prices, I was aghast, but not a deterrent to my giving, loving husband. He ordered the three-piece set, and it was shipped to us by long haul truck. Kneeling Mary is 4’. Joseph with his staff lantern is 5’ 5” and Infant Jesus is 28” x 24” in His manger. The wood stable was not part of the purchase, and we had Marco Gutierrez, our friend and carpenter, build one here at home following the pattern and enhancing the one that Bronner’s had for sale. His excellent and perfectionist talent made ours easy to transport by forklift. Purchased May 2018. Purchase price with shipping, $4,385. The stable was an additional $2,300.